Coaching Circle

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About the coach

Bret Treasure is the co-founder of the behaviour change app, Stake Something and the author of the book Staking: The New Brain Hack. He’s an energetic happiness coach and motivational speaker with a sense of humour.




Coaching Circle

This will get you started

We so easily fall into the trap of ‘that’s just the way I am’. Here’s a way out.

Use other people (a coach and some peers) to get you started. Once you’re taking action, your brain rewires around the new habit – and it gets easier. But getting started is the hard bit, and we can actually do something about that.

You already know you’re more reliable when you’re accountable to someone else. Neuroscience confirms that for new habits, external sources of motivation work better – accountability… systems… monetary incentives…

That’s what this online series does; it nudges you into taking actions you want to take. It’s not about educating you; it’s not about mindfulness or self-control; it’s not about positive thinking. It’s about taking actions.

Like what? Anything that requires regular, weekly input. Here are some hypotheticals – do any of these appeal?

Before you know it …

  • You’ve become someone who does regular exercise. It’s now just part of who you are; there’s no argument in your head about whether you’ll exercise or not. You’re healthier, you look younger, and you feel like a million dollars when you finish
  • You’ve stopped eating junk food. Well. You allow yourself a treat, but you’re making the decisions, not the donut.
  • You’ve got a working grasp of Italian; something you’ve always wanted but never had the discipline.  Turns out you can actually find time for it and you’ve got a group of new friends sharing the journey.
  • You’re playing the piano. The practice time is now not negotiable; it just happens. You can read music and put together a tune.

None of these things are beyond you. You’ve just got to work out what you want to be doing. The structure of the course, which is solid behaviour science, will look after the rest.

Give us six weeks and you’ll have new habit you want. The cost of the program is $360 and you sign up in the left column.

The course is not suitable for people currently experiencing mental health challenges.


Australian Eastern Time
Session One Tuesday, 6th February 7:30PM -9:00PM
Session Two Tuesday, 13th February 7:30PM -8:30PM
Session Three Tuesday, 20th February 7:30PM -8:30PM
Session Four Tuesday, 27th February 7:30PM -8:30PM
Session Five Tuesday, 5th March 7:30PM -8:30PM
Session Six Tuesday, 12th March 7:30PM -8:30PM