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Behaviour science can change corporate culture

Your corporate culture creates common purpose and adds meaning to people’s work lives. And there’s hard science that says it makes a difference to the bottom line.

This is a program to augment or influence your culture, using proven behaviour change techniques.

Consider these options:

  • Work with us to develop afresh or enhance existing cultural values
  • Add inner wellbeing to your corporate culture
  • Adopt a health and fitness culture

In all cases, the transformation we deliver relies on actual behaviours, not on a list of written values. 

Inner Wellbeing

Working with Dr Patrick Jones to introduce mindfulness and inner wellbeing

  • Productivity – Reduce absenteeism and add a valuable life skill.
  • Resilience – People build an untouchable inner toughness they can call on in any situation.
  • Motivation – Habits become embedded through actual behaviour, rather than reading or being told.
  • ContextIdeal for workplaces involving conflict, life-or-death situations or high stakes environments.

Health & fitness

Working with exercise physiologist David Beard to improve health, diet and fitness for all employees

  • Productivity – Improves focus, reduces stress
  • Team – Fitness activities can create a sense of belonging.
  • Fast results – Impacts self-confidence in goal-setting
  • Motivation – Habits become embedded through actual behaviour, rather than reading or being told.
  • Context – Everyone can find a health, diet or fitness objective. Particularly relevant where goal-setting is part of work practices.
Corporate Culture

Depends what format, how many employees, and how long you’d like us to support their commitment. Happy to negotiate something that works for you.

Call Bret: 0409 908 133.

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About the Coach

Bret Treasure is the co-founder of the behaviour change app, Stake Something and the author of the book Staking: The New Brain Hack. He’s a coach and motivational speaker with a sense of humour and a love of behaviour science.