Motivational science

Motivational science
Motivational science

An online seminar for getting started and staying motivated, using the latest in behavioural science.


Seminar: get started and get reliable

Only two things are hard: getting started and staying motivated. You’re about to learn how to do both.

It’s behaviour science.

This seminar distills forty years of experimental psychology that just hasn’t made it into mainstream practices. But it’s not just behaviour science. For over twenty years now, neuroscientists have been able to look at what’s happening in the brain, and they know why we struggle to persist.

Simple promise: in the course of 90 minutes you’ll learn how to become reliable in an area that is important to you.

Exercise, dietary control, study, business-building… this method works for all those things.

The science is clear. The survival circuitry in your brain will let you do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do. And you can trigger that mechanism by risking small amounts of money. Surprising? That’s what the scientists thought.

Here’s what we’ll cover off:

  • What causes action – It’s not knowledge.
  • Extrinsic vs intrinsic motivation – They’re good for different things.
  • Money as an influence on behaviour
  • Loss aversion – Why risk works better than reward
  • How dopamine works – It’s not the reward that counts.
  • Overcoming normal resistance

Not suitable for people experiencing mental health challenges.

bret treasure - behaviour change

About the Coach

Bret Treasure is the co-founder of the behaviour change app, Stake Something and the author of the book Staking: The New Brain Hack. He’s a coach and motivational speaker with a sense of humour and a love of behaviour science.

Motivational science