Start Monday
OK. Now that you've got a weekly promise, put some money at stake. If you haven't taken your actions at the end of the week, forfeit the money to charity.

Prepared to risk at least one dollar a week to get the behaviour you want? Then choose which charity you'd like any forfeits to go to. There's a non-charity option also.

A cause (where I want the money sent if I forfeit)
Note: Stake Something receives a fee
Putting even ONE dollar at stake doubles your motivation. Obviously, the more you stake, the more reliable you are. $100 seems to cause almost 100% reliability.
You start on Monday and report on a Sunday. If you forget, we’ll send you an SMS reminder so that you don't accidentally forfeit money – for that reason, we collect your phone number.
In case you forfeit, your card details are held by Stripe, the world's largest payment processor. Stake Something never has access to your credit card number.