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A 12 month accountability program

So you’ve got clear on what you want and you’ve got a structure that will support your weekly actions. Good work. Once a week you’ll be successful or not, in keeping your word.

How is that going to go if you are not accountable to anyone? If you’re anything like me, you’re dead reliable telling a client it’ll be done by tomorrow. But if I tell myself I’ll get something done by tomorrow… much less reliable.

So get someone to hold you to account. Someone you send your results to, every single week. Someone independent, who will acknowledge your successes and get you back on track after a failure.

We can do that for you. If your project is important to you, please consider. The decision to make a twelve month commitment to accountability is nearly as valuable as the actual twelve months.


A twelve month program that holds you accountable for a new habit or lifestyle change. Includes scheduled video/audio calls.

bret treasure - behaviour change

About the Coach

Bret Treasure is the co-founder of the behaviour change app, Stake Something and the author of the book Staking: The New Brain Hack. He’s a coach and motivational speaker with a sense of humour and a love of behaviour science.