Get out of jail voucher - man sprinting
Get Out of Jail Invitation

Get Out of Jail Invitation

As you know, Stake Something is a powerful motivation game you play to get into action on something.
That might be regular exercise, dieting, a hobby, me time, learning a language;
anything you want to do on a daily or weekly basis. Nice of you to share that.

After you've added your friend's address, they'll get an email explaining everything. Add a code word so they know it's from you.
They'll stake some money, and if one week they don't do what they promised in the app, they'll forfeit,
BUT because they have a Get Out of Jail voucher, the first time they miss their target, we'll return the $50.
Meantime, you've helped change their life in a good way.

Name of $50 gift recipient
Name of $50 gift recipient