YouTube guests wanted

YouTube guests wanted

About the coach

Bret Treasure is the co-founder of the behaviour change app, Stake Something and the author of the book Staking: The New Brain Hack. He’s a coach and motivational speaker with a sense of humour and a love of behaviour science.

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Feature in the Stake Something Show

Want a new habit or a change in lifestyle? If you play our online behaviour change game you’ll get free coaching in the latest behaviour science.

People create a project that involves weekly actions, like regular exercise, diet change or study. Then once a week, they call into Zoom, report on how it went, and get some free coaching from behaviour change expert, Bret Treasure.

There’s no payment involved, just a bit of fun and some support along the way for the New You.

Email us if you’re curious. We start Sunday, 18 February, 2024.

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