Motivation for weight loss

Motivation for losing weight

The Stake Something app uses our fear of losing money to get us into action losing weight. Through exercise and healthy eating.

You set up a weekly promise, then put some money at stake. Whatever amount you think will motivate you. And then you start. If you take the actions you promise, all good. You keep your money, you’re motivated – keep going. But if one week you miss your target or forget to report, you forfeit the weekly amount you staked. And ouch, that gets you back on track.

At any point you can throw in the towel, but if you keep going, you’ll get the result you want. You’ll actually form a new habit.

For most people, the threat of losing money is so strong, they never lose a cent. Free motivation, new lifestyle.

If you’d like help designing a program, contact a Stake Something coach, or an another dietician, nutritionist or exercise physiologist you trust.

If you have your own program in mind, download the app now and get started. Links are below…