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Ready Set Go Seminar

About the coach

Bret Treasure is the co-founder of the behaviour change app, Stake Something and the author of the book Staking: The New Brain Hack. He’s a coach and motivational speaker with a sense of humour and a big commitment.

Questions? Call Bret on +61 409 908 133.

Kick off 2024 in the best possible way – with a project that works. Get with the latest thinking in behaviour science from coach and author, Bret Treasure. This seminar runs online for around 90 minutes and costs $79.

The result

If you follow the method, Bret guarantees you a new habit or lifestyle change, starting within 7 days of the seminar, or your money back. The project can be anything you want to be doing regularly – studying a language, cutting down on food/alcohol, taking up regular exercise…

Date and time

8.30PM Australian Eastern Summer Time, Tuesday January 9th, 2024.

Ready Set GO

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“Fittest I’ve ever been in my whole life. The challenge that Stake Something provided was fundamental to my success, of which I am very proud.” – Nonie B.

“I use staking to get myself down the beach more often. I love the app so much I’m using it to motivate myself to market my business.” – Michael H.

“720 days ago I started using Stake Something to motivate myself to study Italian. I wasn’t prepared for how deep that commitment became.” – Julie M.