Some staking statistics

Let’s say you’ve got something you’d like to be doing regularly (exercise 3 days a week, write a chapter of your novel each night, cut down on alcohol… ) How much difference would it make if you staked some money on actually doing it?

Here are results so far. If people put something at stake other than money, they are successful at doing what they promise about one week in four.

If they risk even a small amount of money each week ($10 – $20) they double their self-control. Now they’re reliable 50% of the time.

But get this:  People who stake more than $50 are effective 96% of the time. You do what you set out to do fifty weeks out of fifty two.

What would 50 weeks a year of exercise do for you? Or 50 weeks of business building? Or studying a language? If you staked $75 and you were only average, you’d forfeit twice and lose $150.  Worthwhile?

*Results are not statistically significant due to sample size but we will update as the number of users increases.

Cartoon of teacher and student looking at charts on wall