The gift of behaviour change

Behaviour change gift


Don’t tell the recipient you’re thinking about gifting this.

If you’ve ALREADY put money at stake, they’ll act to protect it. By changing their behaviour.

But if you haven’t already put money at stake, they’ll talk you out of risking it. Because if they do that, they get to stay in their comfort zone.

The whole point is to let them see that having money at stake generates motivation.

Want to make a difference

in someone’s life?

Instead of giving them a bottle of wine for their birthday, give them the $50 gift of behaviour change.

You’re sponsoring them to take on a challenge. But there’s a twist.

You’re putting up the money. You let them know that if they take up the behaviour change challenge, we refund your money. That’s a pretty strong incentive for them to get into action. Assuming they like you.

To trigger the return of your $50, they need to start a behaviour change project within a week of the date they find out about it.

Doesn’t matter what behaviour change they promise. Could be walking twice a week; could be reading time or halving their sugar intake. And it doesn’t matter how much they put at stake: it can be one dollar.

Staking money is the best way to change your behaviour, because the risk of losing money activates the survival circuitry in your brain. Which gets you into action.

If your friend wants to save you $50, they’ll use Stake Something to create a weekly promise, then put some money at stake. If they do what they promise, they keep their money. If they don’t, they forfeit it to a good cause. They can do it for one week or long term.

This is a reliable system that makes a huge difference in people’s lives. But people are reluctant to start – saving you $50 will get them started on a project that might add something really valuable to their life. It’s a more generous and thoughtful gift than another bottle of wine…

How will we know they’ve started? They put your email address into the app as their buddy when they create their promise.

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