What if something comes up?

If there’s an emergency, of course we’ll refund – just drop us a note. What’s an emergency? Whatever you consider an unforeseeable emergency. If you’re injured, of course, you can’t do your exercise. Just let us know you’re...

What if I forget to report?

Sometimes people forget, even though we send a reminder on report day. We’ll deduct your money. Part of the process here is to focus your attention on the action you’ve promised. Sometimes losing a few dollars is the jolt you need for that.

Edit a stake

You can easily change your promise or how much you’re staking. Just email us or reply to any SMS message we send you. 

Pause or delete a stake

Just email us or reply to one of our SMS reminders. You can set a re-start date or tell us when to prompt you. Important: unless it’s a medical emergency, you can’t pause or delete the current week – otherwise people will just stop staking when...