The gift of getting started

Behaviour change gift


Don’t tell the recipient in advance that you’re thinking about gifting this.

They’ll talk you out of it to stay in their comfort zone. The whole point is to let them see that having money at stake generates motivation.

Want to make a difference

in someone’s life?

Instead of giving them a bottle of wine for their birthday, get them started on a behaviour change project with a $50 gift card.

Risking money (staking) gets people started

With staking, people promise weekly actions, like exercise, study, dieting or changes in lifestyle. Then they put money at stake and report weekly on their actions. If they do what they promise, they get a new life and they keep the money. If they don’t, they forfeit it to a good cause. The system is based on Nobel Prize winning research.

Your $50 is a ‘get out of jail free card’ for the recipient. The first time they miss their promise, we refund them $50. Then they continue with their project or pull the pin (in which case it’s cost them nothing).


  • Your gift card can only be claimed by the person you’re giving it to
  • It has a 7 day expiry date. That’s the incentive to act. If they don’t create a project in that time, your $50 is lost. Let them know!
  • Their stake must be $50 or more

Staking money is the best way to change your behaviour, because the risk of losing money activates the survival circuitry in your brain. Which gets you into action. Here’s the science.

A more thoughtful gift than another bottle of wine… with the potential to change their life for the better.


“Fittest I’ve ever been in my whole life. The challenge that Stake Something provided was fundamental to my success, of which I am very proud.”

– Nonie B.

“I use staking to get myself down the beach more often. I love the app so much I’m using it to motivate myself to market my business.”

– Michael H.

“720 days ago I started using Stake Something to motivate myself to study Italian. I wasn’t prepared for how deep that commitment became.”

– Julie M.


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The Gift of Getting Started