How do I know this isn’t a scam?

Ben Raphael and Bret Treasure are the co-founders of Stake Something Pty Ltd. They are real people who live and work in Perth, Western Australia. They have public profiles and if you request it, they’re happy to talk to you on the phone or Zoom. Bret’s on...

Are you a coach or health professional?

Stake Something partners with professional people who want to help their clients follow a program. Coaches are often health professionals, dieticians, fitness coaches, life coaches, business coaches or tutors. To qualify they need to be earning the majority of their...

Why not lie?

It’s an honor system, so why not just lie and keep your money? Because what makes this work is the real threat of losing. If you cheat, your brain knows there’s no threat, and staking stops working. Allow for the possibility of losing and don’t freak out if you...

How well?

On our limited data so far, people who stake a decent sum keep their promise 96% of the time. [Staking does not necessarily cost you money. You are using the threat of losing money as your incentive to act.]

Does this work?

Like a charm. Risk activates the survival circuitry in your brain. That’s the circuitry most likely to prompt action.